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Our Driving Force

Ignited with a passion to help YOU build a sustainable and scalable business


Avana Illustrator Story

Our Journey

We started from a humble beginning with a purpose to empower businesses with innovative technology and we will continue to keep this purpose at our core as we continue to grow together with you

2 Years Old

Since 2016, we grew from a team of 6 to now more than 40 young passionate individuals from around the globe across various discipline and expertise dedicated to help your business scale to greater heights

50,000+ Stores

We have helped sellers from all kinds of categories – from fashion to gym instructors, mom and pop shops to digital businesses, small businesses to big brands; grow their business from local to global market and we are excited to have you join us on this journey

3 Countries

Started and headquarted in Malaysia, we are now available in other Southeast Asia family countries such as Singapore and Indonesia. Together, we join forces to bring Southeast Asian sellers to be on par with the global players

We help small-medium businesses to scale up their businesses by harnessing the power of social media and put their businesses at the frontier – position their brands in front of their customers, share their uniqueness to many through social media, and more importantly, grow their business revenue.

It’s been an awesome journey so far..
And we can’t wait to unlock more exciting chapters to come!