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and send in a request to be an agent! How easy is that?

Download AVANA app and sign up

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Check out our tutorial video below as we walk you through the sign-up process.

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What is an Affiliate?

Affiliate is a technique where one sells and promotes a brand through online platforms.

As an Affiliate agent, your role as the ‘middle person’ is to promote the products of the brand you work with through a specific affiliate link.

No need to buy stocks or keep products, instead your customer’s orders will be sent directly to the HQ who will manage the delivery process!

Just share the link, get orders and boom, you receive commission! Ka-ching! 🤑💰

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Download the AVANA app here and log in.


Complete your details.


Explore the brand list to become an agent.


Click to see info, product list and commission rate.


Interested? Send your request to be an agent.


Request approved? Let’s start making extra money!

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