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“Do start. You must start somewhere and experience it yourself. The possibility in an e-commerce business is endless.”

Funthera started as a printing company. They print custom designs for their customers. After doing it for while, they created our own brand under the name Funthera in the year 2016 to infuse Malaysian culture with activewear

"We made our first sale in January 2016 through Facebook. We used Facebook Ads to advertise our first product. Whatsapp generates the most traffic and sales for us and as our number of orders grew, it was time to look for a platform that can support it”

"AVANA gives us a great website. It is user friendly. It is connected to Facebook and Messenger. Other than that, AVANA helps us to monitor the customers and our sales record. The payment channel provided also an advantage. The features that we find most useful is in the orders section. The database itself can be useful for us in the future.

Afiq - Founder of Key It Simple